May 7, 2009

Of mine on me

An eagle flied over sky a day
And arranged his wing to run a way

In order to perform to do a game
He should do the game as may again

As opened his wing and saw a Par (Persian form of feather)
As stayed on top forgot the past

As opened his wing and firm Par
As stayed upwards cosmos down

The sky made him proud of fly
Fly made some time for eagle to say

As stays top and as stays down
As stays ammid, he lay's down

Didn't know the fate and deceiver times
Didn't know the sun shines even wall hide

An apple as spins and raise top
As stays on top it turn's down

An ambush an arrow a bower here
A wounded, an eagle, crashing over

He performed his wing of right then
An arrow seen and it was left

He surprised of arrow how stick May?
How stick and iron play my fail?

He saw there a feather suddenly below
An eagle's feather fell me below?

Galeh! it's a good word but small tail
Good speech end is to perform say's